CBD Marketplace Holiday Gift Guide

The Christmas season is upon us, and it’s time to start crossing names off your shopping list. Here at the CBD Marketplace, we have a wide selection of top quality CBD products that can be put under the tree or slid into the stocking of your friends and family. CBD products from CBDMP also make a unique host and hostess gifts when invited for a party or can be thrown into any Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange.

Here are some great gift ideas to get you started crossing the names off your list this year.

CBD-Infused Tea

A great way to introduce your loved ones to CBD this holiday season is through a CBD-infused edible like OLEO CBD Tea. Available in three flavors – passion fruit, tangerine, and raspberry – users receive 25 mg of CBD per serving. OLEO CBD Tea can be added to water or blended into smoothies for a delicious CBD beverage. Try pairing OLEO CBD-infused teas with Diamond CBD Honey Sticks for an unbeatable CBD gift set.

Calming CBD Vape

Vaping CBD has been heralded for its relaxing properties, making it a favorite way for many to take a break from the day and do something good for themselves. Vaporizing is also a fast and efficient way to introduce CBD to the bloodstream for near instant effects.

Disposable CBD vape cartridges from Alternative Vape contain 250 mg of CBD in each 1 ml cartridge. These vape cartridges are designed for single use and are ready to use with nearly all standard 510 thread batteries. Alternative Vape CBD Cartridges come in three delicious flavors: mint, citrus, and kush.

Soothing Topicals

CBD doesn’t have to be ingested for it to work. CBD topicals have become popular among consumers as an alternative way to capture the benefits of CBD. The topical creams and salves can be rubbed into trouble skin or massaged into tired and sore muscles and joints for the relief you need after a long day. Pamper your loved ones this holiday season with our selection of natural CBD topicals, perfect for sliding into stockings.

THC-Free Options

Due to its close relationship to the illicit marijuana plant, some consumers choose not to expose themselves to THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found primarily in recreational marijuana, even in the safe, non-intoxicating levels found in hemp.

In the case of giving gifts to those you don’t know too well or for anyone who might want to avoid THC as a personal choice or as the result of being subject to drug tests, THC-free CBD products from CBD Marketplace are the smart choice. You can find our THC-free CBD products here.

Pets and Pet Lovers

CBD pet products are perfect for the animal or animal lover in your life. Because they share an endocannabinoid system with humans, like humans, pets and livestock can take advantage of the same benefits of CBD and hemp as we do.

Giving CBD to your dog is as easy as giving them tasty Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Edibites. These peanut butter and banana dog treats contain 1.5 mg of CBD each with a delicious flavor they are sure to love.

Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty Drops 4 Pets combine CO2 extracted hemp oil with hemp seed oil and coconut oil for a CBD tincture your pets will love. Pets of all ages and sizes can enjoy a better quality of life with this CBD tincture.

Gifting Daily Wellness

Regardless of which you choose as gifts, the products in the CBD Marketplace are designed to be used everyday to promote well being. All products in our store are certified as lab tested by 3rd party testing facilities to ensure that are safe for use and contain reliable cannabinoid contents, so you feel good giving these products to those you care about.

Explore the CBD Marketplace today to give the gift of wellness this holiday season.

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